Welding – Industrial Robotic Arm

ISAC Advanced Robotics is based in Kilkis and operates in the field of complex robotics in industries. The company’s Welding Robotic Arm is essential equipment for every factory that has a welding department in its production line. Improving welding quality and significantly increasing the production process.

It is suitable for any workplace designed with great care and attention to the quality of construction. It supports single-phase power supply (220V) which makes it versatile in any environment.

It has a long autonomy of movement and fast speed for demanding applications. Isac Advanced Robotics robotic welding arm features precision servo motors that make it reliable and robust to handle any complex application.

High quality construction, with specifications that can find application in all sectors of Industry.

Choose the model that suits you based on your needs.

Materials to be welded: steels, stainless steels, aluminiums


✓ 1 year warranty
✓ Training of machine operator personnel
✓ Training of program management personnel
✓ Staff training in the philosophy of Industrial Robotic Arms and the attitude of the operator (extending the life of the machine)
✓ Immediate technical support


Choose the model that suits you based on your needs.


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