CNC Machines /CNC Router

With CNC Router machines, our goal is to provide you with an excellent machine with a unique quality-price ratio, so that it becomes one of the most important and essential “tools” for improving your production force.
The categories of CNC Router machines are the following:
  • Vacuum ATC: With a vacuum table and automatic cutting tool change (ATC) 8 positions, so that we take full advantage of all the possibilities of the machine for maximum productivity.
  • Vacuum: With a vacuum table for easy and quick holding of materials.
  • Standard: With aluminum profile table (T-slot type).
All the CNC Router machines we manufacture, large or small, standard or premium, always have the following specifications:
✓ Heavy duty construction
✓ Reinforced frame with annealing
✓Powerful Spindle (cutting motor) 5.5kW and above
✓ Excellent precision and cutting quality ± 0.05mm
✓ Easy programming
✓ Fast and flexible handling
✓ High speeds ~40m/min
All CNC Router machines of our company are manufactured under strict European specifications, have CE certification and a 2-year warranty.
For any additional information about cnc & robotic/ cutting machines you can contact us.


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