Tray Former

ISAC Advanced Robotics is based in Kilkis and operates in the field of complex robotics in industries. The company’s Tray Former is the ideal automated formwork machine for the packaging sector.
As it is designed with great care and emphasis on quality construction. The frame is made of stainless steel hollow beams, it can form various dimensions of paperboards with high precision in glue placement as well as in the final formation.
It has the Nordson Problue branded hot glue system (hot meld glue system) for demanding applications and durability over time. With Nordson’s control system you can precisely control the temperature and amount of glue injected from the head.
The machine is equipped with Mitsubishi PLC and Mitsubishi touchscreen (HMI) which ensures the smooth and functional control of the machine.

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✓ 1 year warranty
✓ Training of machine operator personnel
✓ Training of program management personnel
✓ Immediate technical support

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Tray Former