Automatic Screwdriver

ISAC Advanced Robotics is based in Kilkis and operates in the field of complex robotics in industries. The company’s Automatic Screwdriver is a necessary machine to increase your productivity up to 300%. It improves your build quality due to the now standardized process and you have torque control.

The frame and individual components are made of certified materials that make it suitable for industry. The machine is designed with great care and emphasis on build quality.

It is suitable for:

  • All types of screws: Self-drilling, wood screws, Allen in mm and inch
  • Manual screwing: With torque control and automatic feeding that increases productivity
  • Automatic Screwing: (Mounted on a Cartesian system), makes it the ideal machine for applications that require multiple screwing points.

Combines with:

  • Industrial camera: The automatic screw driver can be accompanied by an industrial camera, offering you the ultimate quality control
  • Bowl Feeder: The screw operator will feed the tank (bowl feeder) with the screw of the respective application. This, with the help of vibration and mechanical rejections, aligns it geometrically so that it can be successfully inserted into the vacuum hose and automatically transported to the point where screwing will take place.

It is equipped with automations from renowned manufacturers in both the mechanical and pneumatic parts, thus providing reliability as well as the production quality that suits your products.

With our company’s Automatic Screwdriver, you have great freedom of choice as you can adjust any type of screwing adapter, control travel, torque, speed as well as revolutions.

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✓ 1 year warranty
✓ Training of machine operator personnel
✓ Training of program management personnel
✓ Immediate technical support

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Automatic Screwdriver